VMware vSphere Security

The course on Advance VMware vSphere Security is designed to provide the instructions to Security professionals and Administrators to protect the VMware vSphere environment, which will help in securing their virtual Environment.

Kali Linux offers a hands-on guide which outlines step-by-step methods of uncovering vulnerabilities and exploiting web applications. Students will get a real world insight into performing penetration testing exercises using Kali.

Course Objectives :

- What is Information Security?
- Comprehend the CIA triad
- Comprehend the AAA Protocol in vSphere
- Comprehend the Standard Terminologies
- Learn different Steps of hacking
- Comprehend the Category of Attackers
- Comprehend the types of Penetration testing
- Comprehend the Patching of VMware ESXi
- Comprehend the Securing of Communication using SSL
- Comprehend the Configuration of Remote Access to ESXi
- Comprehend the Underlying OS
- Comprehend the Configuration of Virtual Switch Policies
- Comprehend the VLANs and Private VLANs
- Comprehend the Traffic Shaping
- Comprehend the Load Balancing in virtual environment
- Comprehend the Deployment and Configuration of the Cisco Nexus 1000v

Course Modules :

- Prologue to Information Security
- Prologue to Hacking and Penetration Testing
- Basics of Virtualization Security
- Configure and Secure VMware Hypervisor
- Network Administrators
- Secure VMware Management Servers
- Design Secure Virtual Network

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