Travel Infrastructure

All Travel and Tourism companies with an online presence need to run a highly reliable travel portal. The Travel portal further needs to operate seamlessly with office infrastructure, call center operations and other business processes. Redkite provides an end-to-end Travel infrastructure solution including enterprise class hosting infrastructure for the travel portal, on-premise infrastructure optimized for travel operations, seamless integration across branch offices and ERP applications for business processes.

Online Travel Portal Infrastructure :

Redkite has a track record of deploying high performance hosting infrastructure for Travel and Tourism companies. With specialization in Travel and Tourism industry, Redkite has rolled out complete travel websites consisting of internet booking engine (IBE), hosting infrastructure and integration with suppliers and payment gateways.

Internet Booking Engine (IBE) :

Redkite has experience with leading internet booking engines such as Verchaska Provesio platform. These booking engines provide integration with hotel and flight inventory suppliers such as Galileo, Amadeus, Tourico, CRS, Desiya and TBO. The booking engine has integrations with payment gateways. Redkite has rolled out industry leading portals such as Cleartrip, Mubasher, and Orbitz.

Travel Hosting Infrastructure :

Hosting infrastructure for Travel and Tourism industry is highly specialized and needs to be optimized for multiple users accessing the travel portal at the same time. Even a few seconds of delay in real-time transactions on the travel portal leads to reduced customer loyalty, decrease in brand value and hence real business losses. Redkite has delivered performance optimized travel hosting infrastructure for leading travel and tourism customers across the world.

Enterprise Class Applications for Travel :

Large Travel companies have full featured websites offering multiple products and services. Their backend operations are also complicated by multiple branch offices and travel shops. There are also multiple sales channels using agents and direct sales teams. International travel companies need to deal with the challenges of foreign currency transactions and taxation laws. Redkite provides ERP class applications to support such Travel companies. This includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules, Help Desk and Call Center Integration, Loyalty Management Systems (LMS), and full fledged ERP application integration with the travel portal.

On-Premise Office Infrastructure :

Redkite has expertise in deploying complete office IT infrastructure for Travel companies. The IT infrastructure is optimized for a typical Travel company including distributed sales offices, call centre operations and back end operations. Redkite infrastructure solution uses a combination of opensource and proprietary technology that offers lower cost of ownership. Redkite infrastructure also uses Cloud infrastructure, IaaS and SaaS products where appropriate. The Managed Hosted offering from Redkite provides flexibility and scalability to a Travel company.

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