The Security+ Certification from CompTIA is a valuable credential which is universally recognized. The Security+ exam validates your ability to apply knowledge of information security skills. Getting certified with CompTIA Security+, you can prove your mettle in the technology community which mandates this certification as a prerequisite for IT security jobs. Successful completion of Security+ course from Redkite and subsequently getting certified by CompTIA will help you gain the following skills:

1. Risk identification and mitigation

2. Ability to provide operational, information, application and infrastructure level security

3. Secure the network to maintain availability, integrity and confidentiality of critical information

4. Operate within a set of rules, policies and regulations wherever applicable

Course Objectives :

The Security+ Course is aimed at IT professionals with two years of minimum experience in IT security and administration. The course entails technical experience in information security domain. This course will help you gain knowledge of IT security measures and concerns including areas such as Application, Host, Data and Network Security, Cryptography, Access Controls, Threats to security, Vulnerabilities and Compliance standards. Network Administrators, System Administrators, Security Professionals, Site Administrators and anyone interested in IT infrastructure integrity and security can opt for this prestigious certification from CompTIA.

Modules Covered :

The blueprint of course content for Security+ includes the following topics as per CompTIA official curriculum:

- Systems Security: This includes introduction to various systems security risks and threats. It also covers different ways to ascertain application security and apply security mechanisms.

- Network Infrastructure: This module outlines ways to secure different networks.

- Access Controls: It explains how to implement access control mechanisms as per best practices in the industry.

- Audits and Assessments: It covers risk assessments and mitigation techniques along with monitoring methods for proactive risk prevention.

- Cryptography: Concepts and algorithms for encryption, certificate management etc.

- Organization Security: Covers various Disaster Recovery methods

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