Risk Assessment with OCTAVE

The Risk Assessment with OCTAVE course from Redkite develops your competence to manage information security risk using the OCTAVE method. OCTAVE refers to Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, Vulnerability Evaluation which was developed by Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). This training covers practical sessions and case studies essential for acquiring skills to perform an information security risk assessment while being able to manage risks well within time by being aware of their life cycle.

Course Objectives :

- Understanding of concepts, methods and approaches used for effective risk assessment in accordance with OCTAVE technique.

- Practically learning the steps required to conduct an optimal risk assessment using Octave.

- Understanding and interpreting the requirements of ISO 27001 standard.

- Understanding and interpreting the interrelationships between security controls, information security risk assessment procedure and compliance with stakeholders' needs in the organization.

- Completely implementing, maintaining, and managing the information security risk management program.

- Acquiring the ability to advise organizations effectively on information security best practices.

The Risk Assessment with OCTAVE training is ideal for risk managers, IT consultants and individuals responsible for managing information security in an organization. So if you want to be an asset to your company and know in-and-out of information security risk assessment using OCTAVE, this is the course for you.

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