Risk Assessment with MEHARI

Risk Management with MEHARI training from Redkite Solutions equips information security professionals with core knowledge of conducting risk assessment efficiently using the MEHARI method.

The Risk Assessment with MEHARI course from Redkite Solutions introduces participants to the MEHARI (MEthode Harmonisée d'Analyse de Risques) method related to fundamental risk management and information security. This technique was developed by CLUSIF (Club de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information Français). The case studies and practical exercises in this course help participants get a hang of risk life cycle so that they can efficiently perform risk assessment for their organizations.

Course Objectives :

- Developing core skills to conduct a proper risk assessment for your organization using MEHARI technique.

- Understanding the methods, approaches, concepts and procedures required to effectively manage risk using MEHARI.

- Interpreting the requirements related to information security risk management with respect to the ISO 27001 standard.

- Working according to the interrelationships formed between risk management process, security controls and needs of different stakeholders in the organization.

This Risk Assessment with MEHARI training is highly recommended for IT consultants, information security risk managers, information security professionals or those entrusted with the task of conducting risk assessments activities using MEHARI. Only a fundamental knowledge of risk management is required by the participant to take up this course.

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