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OpenERP is a leading open source ERP application that provides comprehensive ERP functionality for different industry verticals. Open ERP Managed Application hosting from Redkite is an excellent choice for customers looking for ready to use instances of OpenERP. This offering eliminates all management overheads of running OpenERP application since Redkite team takes care of hosting, installation, management services and application uptime guarantee on an on-going basis.

Business Benefits of Open ERP Managed Application Hosting:

- Leading Open Source ERP Feature Set
- Choice of Cloud and Dedicated Servers
- Guaranteed Application Uptime
- Implementation and Customization Services
- Ready to Use Managed OpenERP Instance

User Based OpenERP Application Hosting :

For smaller customers who are cost senstive, Redkite offers the option of user based pricing that combines of benefits of a cost-efficient cloud based delivery model along with managed hosting services from Redkite. User based OpenERP is recommended for customers who do not expect heavy workloads on their OpenERP instance.

Managed Cloud Server for OpenERP :

Redkite provides a range of managed cloud servers options for OpenERP. Cloud server is a flexible option for customers who want to test their OpenERP instance before actually deploying in production environments. Refer to managed cloud server page for more details on product offerings from Redkite.

Managed Dedicated Server for OpenERP :

Redkite provides a range of managed dedicated servers options for OpenERP. Manged dedicated server is the recommended option for customers who are expecting heavy workloads on the OpenERP instance in production environments. Refer to managed dedicated server page for more details on product offerings from Redkite.

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