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Redkite offers Training Course on Linux, VMWare and other Open Source Technologies. We have a training center offering these trainings.

Corporate Training :

Redkite has offered corporate training on different topics on Linux, Server Administration, Email Adminstration, VM Ware, Networking Technologies and Open Source Technologies. Corporate Training can be completely customized as per your requirements. We offer on-site training as well as remote training services. Please contact for more details

Retail Training :

Redkite offers regular training classes for students who wish to make a career in Linux and other Open Source Technologies. Working professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and knowledge can also benefit by attending these courses.

Courses Offered for Retail Training :

- Linux Training Basic to Advanced
- Linux Training – Advanced ++

Course Syllabus :

----- Linux Training Basic to Advanced -----

- Introduction To Linux
- Difference between windows & Linux
- Installation of Linux / Win$
- Linux Commands
- FSHSTND [File System Hierarchy Standard]
- Scripting
- linux boot Process
- PAM - Pluggable Authentication Module
- LVM - Logical Volume Management
- Core Servers Management

----- Linux Training – Advanced ++ -----

- Advance OS Administration
- Understanding RAID Levels
- Server Level Storage - Lun Scanning/Multipathing/Device Mapper
- Open LDAP
- Clustering
- Redhat Cluster Suite - Syuatem Config cluster/Conga/Cman/Cluststat/Clvmd/Qdisk/Fencing/Openaiss/GFS2
- Advanced Iptables
- MySql Administration
- Tomcat
- Postfix/Zimbra
- Squid Proxy
- Pxe Network Installtion/LTSP
- OpenVpn
- Amanda
- Centralized Syslog Server/Syslog-Ng
- Nagios
- KVM/Xen/Rhev/Vmware ESX
- Pupet
- Space Walk
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