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Having an efficient IT infrastructure strategy is key to productivity and profitability of any IT-enabled organization. While there are multiple technology options available in the market, it is important to decide on what technologies are suited for your organization. Business models, profitability metrics and IT budgets vary widely across industries and customer segments. IT infrastructure solutions from Redkite are tailor made to suite the business requirements and profitability metrics of each customer.

End to End Infrastructure Solutions :

Redkite provide End-to-End consulting, deployment and management of IT infrastructure for organizations who are looking for a cost-optimized business solution that increases productivity and profitability of their organization. Our success metric is measured by meeting the business goals given to us by the customer – be it IT infrastructure availability and uptime guarantee, employee productivity, pre-defined SLAs or IT budget targets.

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services :

Redkite provides in-depth consulting services on entire IT infrastructure solution for customers across different industry verticals. The requirements of a software development company are different from those of an animation studio. Our team of business consultants understand these differences and are in a position to provide End-to-End consulting on infrastructure strategy and deployment.

Overall IT Strategy and Architecture Design :

The first step towards a successful IT infrastructure roll out is deciding on the IT architecture that is aligned with your business goals. Redkite provides guidance on overall IT strategy including IT Policy definition, compliance to relevant quality standards such as ISO and ITIL, and long term planning of your IT infrastructure assets. As the next step, Redkite will design the entire IT infrastructure architecture including network topology, data handling strategy, voice and data communication infrastructure strategy, redundancy and fault tolerance strategy, and finally infrastructure management strategy.

Choice of Open Source versus Proprietary Technology :

Open Source technology is finding increasing adoption due to lower cost of ownership, feature completeness and enterprise grade support. Redkite team has proven expertise in several open source technologies including operating systems, platforms and applications. With our open source expertise, we offer our customers a combination of open source and proprietary technologies such that customers an optimal infrastructure solution at the lowest possible cost.

Choice of On-Premise versus Cloud Technology :

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models have opened up very innovative ways of using technology. Cloud Computing provides anytime, anywhere access for customers and end users. Further SaaS delivery model provides an option for customers to reduce their capital expenditures and outsource technical challenges to specialized SaaS providers. Redkite portfolio of products includes set of Managed Hosting services that includes SaaS and IaaS offerings of technologies commonly required by customers.

Security Considerations for IT Infrastructure :

Customers across different verticals require security for their IT infrastructure – be it data security, network security or physical surveillance – to protect their IT assets and intellectual property (IP). Redkite security portfolio covers Network Security (Firewall, IPS, IDS, UTM devices), data encryption and secure data transmission, coarse and granular data access controls, and physical access control to office premises and IT infrastructure.

Complete IT Infrastructure Deployment :

Redkite team deploys the entire IT infrastructure based on the IT strategy agreed upon mutually between Redkite and the customer. At the end of the deployment phase, Redkite hands over the enter IT infrastructure in fully operational and ready to use state. This includes network rollout, workstations and server rollout, Email rollout, Telecommunications rollout, data storage strategy implementation, Security rollout, applications rollout, and finally support strategy rollout.

Infrastructure Management and ITSM Framework :

Redkite provides on-going infrastructure management and ITSM framework that is compliant with ITIL and ISO standards and other requirements that customers might have. Redkite can offer different elements of infrastructure management framework such as on-site support, facilities maintenance services (FMS), remote infrastructure management services (RIMS), on-call support, 24x7 help desk support and any other custom support packages.

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    Redkite provides technology based solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprise level businesses across the world. With a combination of open source and proprietary technologies Redkite delivers solutions with optimal feature set for a business requirement at lower cost of ownership. Our business solutions are usually a combination of IT infrastructure, managed hosting solutions, monitoring solutions and open source products.

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