Advance Wireless penetration testing with Kali Backtrack :

Wireless Networks have rapidly replaced the way people connect to the internet. Millions of users are connecting to various networks for professional or personal reasons. With an explosion of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, PDAs etc, everyone is going wireless. This means that we are surrounded by radio waves and although we may marvel at their convenience, they come with their own downsides. Personal and confidential data is at a constant risk if the networks are not tightly secure.

Advanced Wireless Pen Testing with BackTrack course is designed for those professionals who want to get an understanding of the loopholes/flaws existing in the wireless networks and perform penetration tests to eliminate them. This course will act as a complete guide that lets you to perform security audits using Kali Linux. Kali Linux is the latest version of Backtrack.

Backtrack is one of the most widely used security distribution platforms in the world. The course will cover some of the advanced tools and techniques of hacking and includes Lab exercises to provide a practical demo for every attack discussed.

Advance Penetration Testing With BackTrack :

BackTrack is a robust presentation testing platform widely used by security professionals. It helps experts to conduct assessments in an entirely security-based testing environment. BackTrack is a highly preferred and qualitative Linux security distribution system.

The course provides an understanding and practical exposure of how to use BackTrack for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. Students will gain complete knowledge about open source security testing.

Advanced Web Application Security Testing :

With the increasing complexity of web Application nowadays, it is getting harder to manage applications from the security angle. Loopholes in such web applications have cost millions of dollars resulting from online frauds and scams. To manage information security risk, organizations follow the OWASP standard. This advanced course in security testing will help IT professionals understand and implement measures to address security issues of their web applications.

The prime objective of this web security course is to train professionals in the OWASP Testing Framework, which allows them to build and deploy testing processes on their own. Knowledge of the framework will help their organizations in testing web applications to build a secure and reliable network.

Securing Windows Server 2012 :

Organizations are becoming increasingly conscious of maintaining IT security nowadays. Given the number of threats and attacks plaguing the online world, it is surely a wise decision to take. Securing Windows 2012 training from Redkite Solutions as it can help you gain essential skills in securing Windows infrastructure of an organization, thus making you one of the most desired IT professionals in the industry today.

Securing Windows Server 2012 course imparts the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities requireding securing Microsoft Windows Servers and networks easily. Windows infrastructure hardening is also gaining popularity as a mandatory security measure to achieve the desired protection level.

This Securing Windows course is specifically designed to provide Information Security professionals with practical skills and in-depth knowledge to tightly secure enterprise networks. The course is ideal for system administrators or security audit professionals who are responsible for maintaining Windows Infrastructure security in their organizations.

IPv6 Security :

Implementing IPv6 in your organization's network is just half the job done. Securing IPv6 networks must be on top priority of network administrators and operators. IPv6 Security training from Redkite Solutions aims to equip professionals with skills essential to evaluate and mitigate security implications on IPv6. Participants will learn how IPv6 protocol can be exploited and subsequently protected from malicious intentions.


An open source and free network intrusion detection system (IDS) and network intrusion prevention system(IPS), this Snort Training will encompass IDS/IPS Technology class as well as Rule Writing Best Practices class. Those enrolled for this program will gather skills required to create and manage Snort using open source plug-ins and tools. Participants will also be trained in the rule language for managing, tuning and reporting feedback on abnormal network activity.

Hands-on lab exercises allow students to build sound and secure IDS/IPS installations while being able to write rules using proper structure and syntax. Participants will also get to test their skills in rule writing through both theoretical and practical means.Theory will test their awareness of rule syntax and usage, while the practical test will present students with an exploit to research and analyze so that they can protect their network from outside attacks.

Network Forensics :

Network Forensics is a branch of Digital Forensics that helps collect evidence against cyber criminals and aids in proving their malign intentions. If you want to become a forensic investigator, this network forensics course is the right way forward. Learn about systematically identifying intrusions, gathering information, and collecting legal evidence against black hat hackers and network intruders.

A forensic network investigator is required to scan network devices, client and server systems, firewall, IPS, IDS etc to gather evidence and report a cyber crime. This course teaches professionals how to identify and analyze security attacks. Network Forensics training will include various techniques of network investigation including: NIDS evidence gathering, Acquisition process, Flow Analysis, Protocol Analysis, Wireless Network Analysis, and Event Correlation and Aggregation.

Windows Forensics :

Windows Forensics training from Redkite allows forensic investigators to learn critical techniques for cyber crime investigation on a Windows OS. The focus will be on collection and analysis of data from Windows based computer systems to track malicious user activities.

In order to report a cyber crime, a windows forensics investigator would need to gather enough evidence against the perpetrator, which is done through employing various techniques and scanning Microsoft Operating System (Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7/ Windows 8 etc). Participants also gain knowledge of dealing with a turned on/off PC and gathering essential evidence from Windows log files, RAM, auto-runs, registries etc.

Cisco Network Security Audit :

Securing networks must be on top priority of organizations dealing with sensitive information. Not only that, keeping networks safe must be the foremost concern of every organization that cares about its customers and data integrity. Cisco Network Security at Redkite Solutions is a one of its kind course that is not your regular security course which simply focuses on a particular tool or technique. It's not just another hacker devoted training program teaching you techniques of breaking in to a network. Undoubtedly, those skills are also useful, but are not the primary focus in a security audit.

Configuring Vyatta :

Vyatta offers virtual firewalls, software based virtual routers and VPN products for IP networks. Configuring Vyatta training lets you virtualize hardware bound network components. With this application centric networking users are able to migrate firewall, routing and VPNs to virtual environments while ensuring that enterprises can implement security and compliance of their physical networks into virtual environments as well.

Reverse Engineering :

Reverse engineering is a vital skill for those in the field of information security. It is considered to be a advanced capability that only a few elite possess. However, now you can also learn this exclusive methodology using commercial and public tools. In order to properly safeguard your organization from external threats, it is necessary to know in detail about reverse engineering malware and uncovering vulnerabilities in binaries. With this insightful course participants will learn to recognize high level language constructs. You will be able to perform binary analysis and discover the underlying nature of any Windows binary.

This Reverse Engineering Course is intended for those who have basic understanding of x86 assembly. For those who already have knowledge of reverse engineering can attend this course to refresh their skills and gain new insights to apply different approaches to familiar problems. The training will encompass the fundamentals of x86 assembly, Windows process memory layout, pattern recognition, PE file format, tools of the trade (including OllyDbg and IDA Pro), and fundamental exploitation techniques used by worms to target a system. The students will also learn obfuscation methods, the details of executable packing, anti-disassembling and anti-debugging with the help of hands-on exercises.

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