An eCommerce company needs to have a robust online marketplace coupled with efficient backend operations and business processes. Redkite provides end-to-end eCommerce business solutions consisting of an enterprise class hosting infrastructure for running the online marketplace, front end marketplace design tools such as Drupal and Magento expertise, backend ERP applications that couples the online marketplace with backend office operations, and internal on-premise IT infrastructure optimized for eCommerce business operations.

Online Marketplace :

Redkite provides complete design and implementation of eCommerce portals using platforms such as Drupal, Magento and Joomla. The eCommerce portal can further be integrated with other leading marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay. Redkite offers end to end consulting, implementation and roll out of eCommerce portals including front end design, user experience (UX) consulting, payment gateway integration, and integration with suppliers and vendors.

eCommerce Hosting Infrastructure :

Hosting infrastructure for eCommerce needs to be robust and scalable to account for millions of transactions that can potentially occur simultaneously. Redkite has experience is deploying scalable hosting infrastructure that provides close to 100% uptime for eCommerce websites. Through our Managed Hosting portfolio, eCommerce customers get best in class infrastructure and 24x7 support.

Enterprise Class Applications for eCommerce :

eCommerce companies need to have full featured ERP applications integrated with the online marketplace. Such ERP applications provide visibility into end customer buying behaviour, business intelligence and analytics around product sales, efficiency in business operations and logistics and finally increased profitability. Redkite can provide complete ERP solution including customer relationship management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) suite, product catalogue management, warehouse and shipping logistics management engine and sales/purchase management.

Digital Marketing Solutions :

eCommerce companies thrive on digital marketing and social media marketing. Redkite provides a complete set of digital marketing solutions that can be used for SEO and SEM purposes including mail marketing solutions, SMS marketing solutions and other internet based marketing tools.

On-Premise Office Infrastructure :

Redkite has expertise in deploying complete office IT infrastructure for eCommerce companies. The IT infrastructure is optimized for a typical eCommerce companies have a centralized head quarters for backend operations, tie ups with warehouses and shipping carriers, and call centre operations for customer service and help desk. Redkite infrastructure solution is based on a combination of opensource and proprietary products that allows us to build the optimal infrastructure for lower cost of ownership.

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    Redkite provides technology based solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprise level businesses across the world. With a combination of open source and proprietary technologies Redkite delivers solutions with optimal feature set for a business requirement at lower cost of ownership. Our business solutions are usually a combination of IT infrastructure, managed hosting solutions, monitoring solutions and open source products.

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