Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training provides comprehensive knowledge as well as specific methodologies that must be put into practice to ensure Cyber Security. This Cyber Security course offers a combo of two of the best security courses in the market today: CHFI v8 and CEH v8.

Course Objectives :

- Current Scenario of Computer Forensics
- Computer Forensics analysis procedure
- Analyzing Wireless Attacks
- Network Forensics
- Forensics analysis by means of EnCase
- Image File Forensics and Steganography
- Application code word breakers
- Event Correlation and Log Capturing
- Investigating Email Crimes and Tracking Emails
- Mobile Forensics
- Investigating Logs
- Becoming an Expert observer
- Probing and locating Computers
- Digital Evidence
- Investigating Network Traffic
- Investigating Logs
- Analyzing Web Attacks
- First Responder Procedures
- Computer Forensics Laboratory
- Comprehending File Systems and Hard Disks
- Windows Forensics
- Data duplication and acquisition
- Retrieving Deleted Partitions and Deleted Files
- Forensics analysis via AccessData FTK
- Ethical Hacking - an Introduction
- Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
- System Hacking
- Buffer Overflow
- Hacking Mobile Platforms
- Hacking Web Applications
- SQL Injection
- Social Engineering
- Cryptography
- Hacking Web servers
- Trojans and Backdoors
- Denial of Service
- Session Hijacking
- Network Scanning
- Enumeration
- Hacking Wireless Networks
- Penetration Testing
- Sniffers
- Footprinting and Reconnaissance

CHFI v8: CHFI v8 is a globally recognized advanced Computer Forensic Investigation program. It illustrates a specified practical approach to computer forensics and data analysis. The course of CHFI v8, all-inclusively covers the key forensic analysis methodologies that allow learners to get hold of practical understanding with a variety of forensic analysis techniques and tools required to conduct a computer forensic investigation.

CEH v8: CEH v8 attests professionals in the network security discipline of Ethical Hacking. An individual who is CEH v8 certified is a master in ethical hacking techniques which can be used in cyber security and penetration testing.

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