Configuring CloudStack

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CloudStack is one of the most popular open source software platforms. It pools computing resources in order to build private, public as well as hybrid IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) clouds. It manages storage, network, and compute nodes making up a cloud infrastructure. The CloudStack training allows users to successfully deploy, configure and manage cloud computing environments.

Course Objectives :

- Learn to utilize the multiple hypervisor support feature of CloudStack that lets you work seamlessly with VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer etc.
- Ability to centrally manage a highly scalable server infrastructure with geographically distributed multiple datacenters.
- Performing regular maintenance of servers without affecting other machines in the cloud.
- Manage various virtual appliances that support cloud deployment such as DHCP, storage access and replication, VPN access, firewall, console proxy, routing etc.
- Utilize other valuable features available in CloudStack including high availability, API and extensibility, automatic configuration and an enhanced GUI.

Enterprises and service providers can utilize CloudStack to their advantage and tap its full potential. While service providers can use it to set up an elastic, on-demand service cloud; enterprises can deploy an on-premise private cloud solution for internal use of its employees.

Service providers can sell self service virtual machine instances, storage volumes and networking configurations over the Internet. Rather than managing virtual machines in the same way as physical machines, with CloudStack an enterprise can offer self-service virtual machines to users without involving IT departments.

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