Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) covers a broad spectrum of technologies that gathers business related data and converts them into meaningful information and reports that can be used for smarter decision making. Business Intelligence tools consist of a data warehousing mechanism, querying and reporting framework and user friendly dashboards with drill down capabilities. If correctly used, business intelligence helps in improving business process efficiencies. Business Intelligence tools help in trend analysis and future planning in ways that can completely transform your business.

Features of Business Intelligence Tools :

- Business Data Gathering and Data Warehouse
- Data Mining and Querying Tools
- Dashboards, Reports, and Drill Downs

Open Source BI Tools :

Redkite provides expertise in open source BI tools including Jasper, Pentaho and SpagoBI. Open Source tools offer lower cost of ownership, flexibility and easier customization. With several enterprise-class open source tools being adopted by organizations across different verticals, Open Source BI tools are also becoming increasingly popular.

Proprietary BI Tools :

Redkite offers expertise in proprietary BI tools such as Cognos BI, SAP BO, Microstrategy, Qlikview, Tableau, and Informatica. Compared to open source tools, proprietary BI tools have better enterprise grade support and easier adoption cycles. However, proprietary BI tools might be expensive and harder to customize in comparison to open source alternatives.

Business Intelligence Consulting and Implementation Services :

Redkite provides consulting services for Business Intelligence applications. Our team of experts can analyze your business requirements and provide the right choice of BI products, architecture design and best practices guidelines for your businesses. Redkite team can also implement BI products and customize them to your business needs.

Managed Business Intelligence Application Hosting :

Redkite has experience in hosting Business Intelligence application that is integrated with other industry standard databases. Our managed hosting services ensure that the hosted BI application is managed completely by our team while the customer focuses on using the application towards his business needs.

On-Going Management of Business Intelligence Applications :

Redkite provides 24x7 support for business intelligence applications using our network operations centre (NOC) that guarantee close to 100% uptime and availability of that application. All the headaches of regular on-going management and maintenance of the business intelligence applications are taken care by Redkite while you focus on your core business.

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    Redkite provides technology based solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprise level businesses across the world. With a combination of open source and proprietary technologies Redkite delivers solutions with optimal feature set for a business requirement at lower cost of ownership. Our business solutions are usually a combination of IT infrastructure, managed hosting solutions, monitoring solutions and open source products.

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