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Advance Wireless penetration testing with Kali Backtrack :

Wireless Networks have rapidly replaced the way people connect to the internet. Millions of users are connecting to various networks for professional or personal reasons. With an explosion of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, PDAs etc, everyone is going wireless. This means that we are surrounded by radio waves and although we may marvel at their convenience, they come with their own downsides. Personal and confidential data is at a constant risk if the networks are not tightly secure.

Advanced Wireless Pen Testing with BackTrack course is designed for those professionals who want to get an understanding of the loopholes/flaws existing in the wireless networks and perform penetration tests to eliminate them. This course will act as a complete guide that lets you to perform security audits using Kali Linux. Kali Linux is the latest version of Backtrack.

Backtrack is one of the most widely used security distribution platforms in the world. The course will cover some of the advanced tools and techniques of hacking and includes Lab exercises to provide a practical demo for every attack discussed.

CEH/Advance Penetration Testing with Backtrack :

Certified Ethical Hacker and Advanced Penetration Tester with BackTrack are two courses that certify the skills of a penetration tester. This combo course is the most recent addition in a host of other courses from Redkite Solutions, that provides training on all latest technologies. The CEH with BackTrack training offers core skills to build expertise on the latest CEH version 8 as well as Advanced Penetration Testing using BackTrack tool, thus fulfilling essential requisites for a Penetration Tester.

A CEH v8 certification holder is regarded in the IT industry as someone with a deep understanding of networks and an unswerving ability to penetrate networks, rendering them safe from external/internal intrusion while preventing security breaches of any sort.

A security distribution system based on Linux - BackTrack is an advanced tool and penetration testing platform preferred by most security professionals across the globe. This course will help participants gain functional knowledge of using BackTrack to conduct expert assessments and learn various techniques for penetration testing. The objective of this unique combo course is to ensure that security professionals follow the code of ethics, and apply best practices for penetration testing while being aware of compliance requisites of the industry. Therefore, to gain an upper hand in ethical hacking and penetration testing, enroll for this course now!

Advance Penetration Testing With BackTrack :

BackTrack is a robust presentation testing platform widely used by security professionals. It helps experts to conduct assessments in an entirely security-based testing environment. BackTrack is a highly preferred and qualitative Linux security distribution system.

The course provides an understanding and practical exposure of how to use BackTrack for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. Students will gain complete knowledge about open source security testing.

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