Alfresco is used by organizations across the world for document management, collaboration, revision control, workflow processes and records management. Alfresco is the leader in open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) The document management solution from Redkite is flexible, can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and is compatible with smartphones and mobile computing devices.

Features of Enteprise Content Management System :

- Document Management System
- Collaboration Framework
- Records Management
- Workflows and Business Process Management
- On-premise versus cloud deployment
- Flexibility and Customization

Alfresco Consulting Services :

Redkite offers consulting services for Alfresco based enterprise content management. We provide high level business analysis and consulting around technology choices as well as business processes for your organization.

Alfresco Implementation and Customization Services :

Redkite can implement Alfresco based ECM for different organizations. Redkite also provides customization services and integration with third party tools and products as per your business requirements.

Hosted Enterprise Content Management :

Redkite can provide hosted enterprise content management solutions for customers that need cloud based solutions. Alternatively, Redkite can provide on-premise deployment of Alfresco based content management or a hybrid deployment model that combines on-premise and cloud based content management.

24x7 Support for Alfresco ECM :

In addition to implementation and deployment, Redkite can provide on-going application management services with application uptime guarantee as per pre-defined service level agreements (SLA).

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