Cloud monitoring

Cloud Monitoring for any cloud infrastructure such as Amazon or Rackspace gives information about resource utilization and performance in the cloud. While cloud infrastructure is expected to have higher reliability than on-premise infrastructure, quite often resource utilization and performance metrics are not well understood in the cloud. Cloud monitoring from Redkite provides insight into exact resource usage and performance metrics that can be used for optimizing the cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring :

- Resource Utilization Reports
- Performance Analysis
- Capacity Planning

Cloud Monitoring Solution :

Redkite provides cloud monitoring solutions for Amazon, Rackspace and other cloud infrastructure providers. Cloud monitoring from Redkite is available as on-premise monitoring implementation as well as in the form of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) offering.

Amazon Cloud Monitoring :

Redkite can monitor Amazon cloud related infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Compute (EC2), and Elastic Storage (S3). Monitoring the Amazon cloud provides performance reports and analytics around resource usage.

Cloud Application Monitoring :

Redkite can monitor any applications running on the cloud infrastructure including Amazon and Rackspace cloud. Application monitoring provides real time performance metrics and insight into critical processes related to that application.

Cloud Database Monitoring :

Redkite can monitor any databases running on the Cloud. This includes industry standard databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, PostGre SQL, and MongoDB.

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